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Fiji is a tropical paradise and wananavu is the perfect place to relax and enjoy this beautiful corner of the world and its tranquil surroundings.

Listen to the birdsong and the beautiful Fijian language, revitalise yourself by breathing the fresh air and delight your senses with the lush taste of the organic fruit and vegetables.

Fiji has an interesting and exciting history. Legend has it that the original Fijian settlers were led to Fiji by the great chief Lutunasobasoba. Captain William Bligh, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame, is credited with mapping the island in 1774 and among the earliest European settlers were shipwrecked sailors and runaway convicts from the Australian penal colonies.

Cannibalism was practised on the island until around 1854, when many of the islanders converted to Christianity.

The horseshoe-shaped collection of islands is in the same time zone as New Zealand and has a population of around 800,000 inhabitants, which is made up of 50% Fijians, 47% Indians, with South Pacific Islanders, Europeans and Chinese making up the remaining 3%.

English is the official language but Fijian and Hindustani are also used.

Casual dress is acceptable during both day and night so it is worth filling your suitcase with t-shirts, shorts, light cotton dresses and swimwear. It is advisable to bring a jacket for the cooler evenings.

Useful Fijian words and phrases

Hello - Bula (Boo-lah)

Formal hello - Ni Sa Bula (Nee-Sa-Boolah)

Good morning - Yadra (Yandra)

Good bye - Moce (Moe-they)

Yes - Lo (Ee-yo)

No - Sega (Senga)

Thank you - Vinaka (Vee-na-ka)

Thank you very much - Vinaka Vakalevu (Vee-na-ka vaka Lay-voo)

No worries - Sega na Lega (Senga-na-lenga)

How much? - E Vica (Eh-vee-tha)

See you again - Sota Tale (Soh-tah-tah-lay)
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