Inland Tours

Fiji has a unique and exciting culture and history. A guided tour is the ideal way to see some breathtaking natural beauty spots, experience the friendly local hospitality and have some unforgettable adventures.

wananavu runs tours inland to the local area on most days including:

Narara Waterslide Tour – You will visit an awe-inspiring tropical rainforest and experience the magic of sliding down a 20ft waterfall into a beautiful heart-shaped pool. The tour takes you to a village where you will experience local entertainment, and take part in a kava ceremony – a unique Fijian experience.

Barotu Bamboo Rafting – Have the unique experience of travelling downstream with villagers from Barotu on bamboo rafts and see the unusual flora, including giant mangroves. Sit back and relax in this tranquil environment, listen to the silence, broken only by the sound of the birds and the local kids at play in the river.

Suncoast Tour – Experience the real Fiji by taking a guided tour around the local area. Your tour will include a visit to a local village, the world famous Church of the Black Christ, the township of Rakiraki, the local sugar mill, and the tomb of the last Cannibal Chief Udreudre.

Tapa Making Class – Tapa cloth is synonymous with Fiji. While you’re on holiday you can visit a local village and learn the ancient art of tapa cloth making, plus you’ll be able to take home your very own made piece of tapa.

Shopping in Rakiraki – A visit to our local town will give you a glimpse into everyday Fijian life. You will see a traditional market with its bright colours, boisterous shops, kava stands, open air buses, and the eclectic mix of Fijian, Indian and European cultures.

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